Oasisplay (registered name Oasis Children’s Venture) is a charity (registered charity number 1019646) and a company limited by guarantee. ( company number 02757764)

Oasisplay is governed by a management committee made up of local people. These committee members are also the Trustees of Oasisplay.

The constitution of Oasisplay is made up of the memorandum and the articles of association.


Articles of Association

Policies & Documents

and compliments

of interest

Trustee Recruitment
and Induction

Equal Opportunities and Diversity statement


Privacy Policy

Oasis Accounts 2018

Equalities and Diverstiy Plan

If you have any questions or wish to know more about the governance please contact Oasisplay on

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33 Priory Grove, London SW8 2PD 020 7622 8756

National Lockdown UPDATE

Due to the current lockdown restrictions Oasisplay will be closed until Monday 22nd February 2021. We will post any further updates here. If you have any questions regarding this please email

Registered charity number 1019629