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Learn through volunteering

Learn through play whilst supporting the local community. Oasisplay offers volunteering opportunities to disabled and non-disabled young people, as well as to corporate partners. Our sites and projects are so diversse that you could spend one session planting seeds in The Nature Garden greenhouse, another running an activity at a youth club, and the next restoring one of our accessible playground structures.

Our Approach

We believe children and young people should be given the opportunity to learn and gain new skills in a supportive environment. Many young people grow up through Oasisplay, and volunteering can be an important step in taking on more responsibilities and achieving new goals.

Volunteering encourages young people to gain confidence, it enhances their learning, and it offers relevant work experience. We encourage young people to complete activities that suit their interests and support them to take on new challenges.

Volunteering activities for young people can include:
• Kart track marshalling and kart maintenance
• Gardening and site maintenance
• Leading young peoples’ activities and supporting play sessions
• Office support such as administration and data collection
• Co-production in development plans

Oasisplay also greatly benefits from groups of corporate volunteers. These sessions can be a fantastic chance to get the team out of the office, promote team building and support a community
project whilst gaining new skills and experience.

Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteering and Mentoring

Exciting volunteering opportunities for young people aged 15-18 years. This programme enables young people to volunteer at any of the Oasisplay Projects. Young Volunteers are encouraged to set their own targets based on what they want to achieve, whether that is to gain new knowledge and skills, to improve their wellbeing, or to get involved in their local community. Regular supervision and mentoring sessions are provided to ensure volunteering tasks remain relevant to the Young Volunteer. Young Volunteers can leave with valuable work experience, AQA-accredited qualifications and supporting references that build a portfolio.

Supported Volunteering

High quality volunteering and mentoring programme for disabled young people aged 15 years and above. Oasisplay recognises that disabled young people have limited access to quality work experience and volunteering opportunities. This programme supports disabled young people to develop key skills and experiences and become more work ready. We do this by developing confidence and motivation, assisting with career planning, strengthening employability and supporting with preparing for work. Supported Volunteers work across all Oasisplay Projects, completing self set targets and AQA accredited courses, and attending work placements in local businesses. With funding through a care package, Supported Volunteers are supported by a keyworker from the Inclusion Project.

Corporate Volunteers

Company staff teams donate their time and skills to help tackle important tasks across all Oasisplay sites. The business case for corporate volunteering is overwhelming; numerous studies have shown a range of key benefits, including opportunity to increase staff morale, team working and local connections, and to enhance reputation and credibility. We highly value our corporate volunteering partners who contribute immensely to the fabric of Oasisplay, improving our sites and services and making a visible commitment to the local community. Our Volunteering Project can support training and development by offering structured and supervised activities that aim to improve confidence, communication, team-building, self-awareness and creativity, whilst also developing practical skills such as gardening and grounds maintenance, woodwork and problem solving.

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