Oasis as an organisation has grown organically since its inception in 1973. Local parents and residents transformed a derelict green space into a playground with swings, a slide and skateboard ramp. Then, in the early eighties, Oasis users took hand built karts to an unused school playground across the road, and the karting track was created.

A few years later, Oasis joined forces with Allen Edwards Primary School, to create a garden in an empty plot of land adjacent to the school.

In 2000, Oasis secured a 30 year lease from Lambeth Council for the Larkhall Adventure Playground. With the help of volunteers the site, which had become neglected once more, was cleared and the structures made safe for a new generation of children.

Today Oasis provides play and youth activities for children and young people from the local community at Oasis Children’s Nature Garden, Oasis Karting Project and Oasis Adventure Playground and Cycle Project.

Schools, youth clubs and playschemes can also visit the projects to take part in a wide range of educational and outdoor activities.

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