A comprehensive evaluation of the Oasis services was carried out in 2010. Children, young people, families, local residents and other key stakeholder were involved, with the aim of establishing the difference that Oasis makes to the lives of its many young users.

The aim of Oasis is to enable children and young people to have better life chances, be healthy and play positive roles within their community.

A range of evidence was collected that demonstrated that Oasis was able to make a difference to children’s physical, emotional and mental health. Evidence also showed how children and young people’s skills, knowledge and aspirations developed and improved as a result of participating in the different opportunities and activities that Oasis has to offer.

Finally, key evidence demonstrated how Oasis plays a key role in supporting the development of a more inclusive and cohesive community.

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‘Oasis makes a significant difference to the physical and emotional health and well-being of local children and young people as well as their future life chances’ Local councillor

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